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Understanding TaylorMade’s Flight Control Technology

There seems to be some confusion understanding how TaylorMade’s Flight Control Technology (FCT) can change the loft on the new R11 Drivers.  To understand how this works we must understand the theory of “effective loft”.  Effective loft is the actual face angle at impact.  We have all experienced this when we’ve pulled that iron shot on an approach shot and the ball traveled much farther than we intended.  The closed face at impact de-lofts the club and an open face will add loft.

With the theory of effective loft we can easily understand how we can change the loft on the R11 using FCT. Each white notch on the ferule indicates one degree of open or closed up to a maximum of two degrees.  Therefore, if I set my FCT to the full two notches higher, I have closed the face two degrees and increase the loft one full degree.  Now conventional wisdom would say, “wait a minute, I shut the face two degrees wouldn’t that lower the ball flight?”  Here’s where you must think of effective loft.  In order to hit the ball with a square face you would open the face two degrees at impact which actually increases loft one full degree.  The opposite would be true for the lower ball flight settings.

The R11 is also equipped with a new sole plate adjustment.   This can allow the club to set on the ground an additional two degrees either open or closed.  Combined with the FCT adjustments you can set the R11 from four degrees close to four degrees open.  The R11 also has Moveable Weight Technology that allows you to change the center of gravity creating a draw or fade enhancement.  Now don’t go thinking that this club will instantly cure your slice.  A slice is generated from sidespin due to an outside to in swing plane and can only be truly corrected by the golfer improving their plane.  This technology may however lessen the severity of the outcome of your slice.

The real benefit to this technology is we can fine-tune your launch angle without expensive shaft upgrades, although upgrades are available in the more expensive TP version.  In addition, if your game changes you can just change your club without needing to buy a completely new driver.

Come by our store to demo an R11 or call with any questions.

Shane McClure – PGA Golf Professional

Shane can be reached at Dick’s Sporting Goods – Omaha (402)951.4400


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