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Do You Have Game?

Do You Have Game?


OK Magilla you can stripe that tee shot 300 yards off the tee now that’s impressive!! You can stripe your three iron 220 that’s impressive!! When you walk off the green with a double bogey that’s not impressive!!


We all want to show our buddies what a great testosterone level we have off the tee but fail to realize that our short game is pathetic. Golf is a game of skill and numbers and big numbers take that testosterone level and creates a Pee Wee Herman clone out of us!!

The great icon Harvey Penick says in his “Little Red Book” and I quote “if you wish to take 5 strokes off your game practice for two weeks around the green” putting chipping and pitch shots are the key to lower scores period. He also points out that for beginners they should start learning the game from the green and work their way back to the tee area  not the reverse.


With the advent of videos on the web a person can learn all kinds of techniques that will help in becoming a great short game player. There are also great books to assist you as well. It really is about numbers and smaller numbers on that score card will make you feel much better about yourself!!

A personal note-I am not a long ball hitter but when my short game is working I can play with almost anybody. When it is not clicking I just tell them to take me to the car and point me the way home!!


Doc Tucker


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