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Spring your golf game into shape

Spring is here and it is time to get the clubs out!  Before we hit the links we should take inventory of our equipment. Nothing is worse than being on the hole farthest from the clubhouse and realize you don’t have Your divot tool or ran out of tees.  Here are some other items that we usually forget about over the winter lay off:

*  How are you grips?  If you didn’t replace them last year there surely due now.  A worn out grip can lead to excessive pressure restricting a free flowing swing or even loss of the club during the swing.

*  Have you looked at the bottom of your golf shoes lately?  If not, odds are your spikes maybe be worn down.  The game is hard enough without slipping and sliding!

*  That golf glove that you stuck in your bag over winter is probably a crispy critter by now.  Might as well start the new year off right with a brand new glove.

Now that we have some of the equipment issues out of the way, how do we get back into the swing of things?  The following practice routine will get you in the right physical and mental frame of mind.

Practice from the hole back:

The short game feel is usually the first thing to go after a long winter lay off.  Start with 3 foot putts, to get your old solid feel back that you had late august last year.  After successfully knocking in those 3 footers move back to 6 feet.  Then to 10, 15, and etcetera.  When you feel good about your putting move to short chip shots then to high lofted pitch shots.  Once you are executing tough short game shots move to the range for some full swing wedges.  Work your way up to the bag with the last club to hit being your driver.  It’s easy for us to become overzealous and start with a driver.  Working from the hole back will give you more confidence and better impact position to be able to hit that driver more successfully.  Plus, less chance for injury!

It’s great to feel the warmer weather and seeing the sunset later each day.  Come see me at Dick’s Sporting Goods at Westroads Mall and will get your season started.


Shane McClure PGA Professional


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