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Snow on the ground here in the Great Plains.

I have already played three rounds this year.  That fact might annoy my wife, but I am overjoyed.  I think that there can be nothing greater than a decent round of golf.  That being said, mother nature decided to bless this area of the country with a nice blanket of snow and temperatures not conducive to golf.

When the weather is bad (or when I have some free time)  I like to play Tiger Woods on the Wii.  I like the fact that the game attempts to realistically portray the game of golf on a console system.  My only beef would be that the controller does not feel like a golf club.

That is about to change.

Reblogged from Techland:

The Chicken Stick is a $40 Wii accessory. Wait! Don’t go. Don’t go. It’s better than you think. Developed with true golf fans in mind, the Chicken Stick is made from a real golf club–Golf Pride grip, True Temper shaft–shortened, and with a slot on the end to hold a Wii remote and MotionPlus attachment securely in place. Check out the above video for more info.

Want more video reviews? Click here.

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