everything we know about our favorite four letter word.

As little as 1 degree can be the difference!


The above shows 1 degree off line results in 2.09 inches off line at 10 feet.  Two degrees off we would miss the hole completely on a 10 foot putt.  This information can help us with our putting woes and also help us understand why we may struggle with our driver but not our other clubs.  Using the same geometry we can figure the following:

3 degrees open or closed
A 100 yard shot would be 5 yards off line,
    150 yards=8 yards off line
    200 yards=10 yards
    250 yards=13 yards
    300 yards=16 yards

So you can see whatever has been ailing your driver could be effecting the rest of your bag, it’s just not as noticeable.


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