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Belly Putter Head Weights

Belly putters use heavier heads than conventional putters. The belly putter will not work very well with a conventionally weighted putter head. If this is the putter head that you intend to use, get ready to do some serious lead taping to increase the head weight significantly. The range for belly putter head weights generally falls between 370 and 450 grams. I have found that around 400 to 425 grams works the best but this is not set in stone as some golfers prefer to go a little heavier. Very few golfers prefer to go much lighter than this in my experience. For reference, conventional putters are around 320 to 360 grams. Long putters are generally over 500 grams.

I know it seems strange that these longer length putters use heavier and not lighter head weights than conventional length putters, but it can be explained. I really do not want to get too technical here (it’s already technical enough) but basically a longer putter that uses the grip end as an anchoring point to the body has completely different impact characteristics than a non-anchored grip end. Regarding conventional putting, the non anchored grip end moves side to side on the back swing and follow through when using the modern pendulum putting stroke causing the putter to basically pivot around the golfer’s shoulders or higher up, if they do not break their wrists during the stroke. The belly putter and the long putter pivot around the grip end, again, which is anchored to a fixed body point. The fact that the hands are hanging low, close to their normal under the shoulder’s position and the golfer is using a fixed pivot (usually belly button or chin) requires a heavier head weight to get the best impact characteristics that are comparable to the force exerted on the golf ball with a conventional putter


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