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PGA Family Tees Are an Alternative to Playing Full Rounds

Barney Bell on the importance of PGA Family Tees:

We recently installed PGA Family Tee markers on the front nine at our 18-hole facility. To do this, we set the tees at existing yard markers with the special PGA Family Tee markers. This created a short course with two 200-yard par-4s, then a series of par-3s that are 100 or 150 yards each. We also created a special scorecard for families that play together. Families can use the course between 2-4 p.m., and play three, six or nine holes for a flat price of $6 per person, with an additional $6 if they want to use a golf car. This gives them an alternative to feeling the pressure to play a full 18 or nine holes if they don’t have time, or if their children are too young to enjoy a full round.

Barney Bell is the PGA director of golf at Washoe County Golf Course in Reno, Nev., a municipal course.


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