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Struggling with your wedge? Maybe it’s to heavy!

Wedge heads are the heaviest in your set, with a steel shaft we have a club weighing around 470 grams.  This heaviness can create a huge “disconnect” and lack of feel in your wedges.  (Especially if your irons are graphite!)

Unfortunately manufacturers give very little attention to this element of wedge performance.  Offering shaft options on top of all the loft and bounce options would not be cost efficient.

We can replace that heavy steel shaft with a quality light weight graphite shaft that will still stabilize the heavy head.  Think of it, for as little as $40 you may get rid of those “yips”!  Might be worth a try!

The UST Proforce 95 gr UST-Mamiya Graphite Golf Shafts Golf Club Components: GU-68-Iaphite Iron Shafts are on clearance for $9.97!  With installation and a grip, only $37.99.  Come see Doc or Shane to discuss what graphite shaft would be best for you and your wedge.

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Westroads Mall – 9901 Nicholas Street – Omaha, NE – 402-951-4400


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