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Putting Drills





Here are a couple of drills you can do over the winter to keep your putting sharp or even improve it.

CHAPSTICK DRILL (TOP PICTURES):  Simply slide your chapstick between the wrist of your lead hand and the grip.  If you keep the proper shaft lean through the stroke, the chapstick will remain in its position (TOP LEFT).  If you get a little ‘wristy’ (wich we do NOT want)  the chapstick will slide out of position (TOP RIGHT).

TEE CHANNEL DRILL (BOTTOM PICTURES):  Place a ball in between two tees.  Attempt to make your stroke without disturbing the tees (BOTTOM LEFT).  If you make an undesirable descending stroke the tees will move (BOTTOM RIGHT).

Working with these two drills together will greatly increase your putting distance control.

– Shane McClure, PGA


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