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First Eagle of my Life

So I decided I was going to be a tough guy and go play Eagle Run Golf Course in the 104 degree heat; I wasn’t going to let a little sweat in my eyes phase me one bit.

The round started out rather normally, I was 2 putting almost all of the greens, but getting there in regulation was the problem.

Then, drenched in sweat, I climbed the hill and approached hole #6 I noticed that the blue and white tees were in the same spot on this day, putting the pin at 257 yards. The hole lies about ten feet downhill, and you can see the back half of the green and a little of the flag. The flag was sitting on the right third of the green this day and after staring at the flag for a few seconds I walked back to my bag to get my club.

Let me preface this by saying I normally would reach for hybrid and give it a ride, but for some reason my Nike SQ 22 degree has been giving me fits; so I grabbed my 4-iron instead and thought “I’m just gonna give this sucker a ride and see where she lands”.

I whacked it good. And as I went down the hill to get a better look I saw this:


I grabbed my putter and took a better shot.

Not too shabby!

So I approached the ball, stood there for what seemed like ten minutes…..



I tell you what, for a guy who sucks at golf, that was one of the sweeter feelings in my hacker/duffer career.



One response

  1. Great Job Ben! Must be because of all that great instruction you got from your friendly, local PGA Pro!

    July 25, 2012 at 4:28 pm

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