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Congratulations to Matt Boone, 2013 League Champion!

In our semi-finals, wildcard Tim Kruse defeated Lockhart Division winner Doug Zoerb 9.5 points to 2.5.  Reid Division Champion Ben Spadt fell to Upham Division Champion Matt Boone by 1 net stroke with a score of 8 to 4.  The consolation match between Ben and Doug also resulted in a net score difference of only 1 stroke awarded to Doug Zoerb winning 8 to 4.  The stage was set for our league championship between Tim Kruse a +3 handicap versus Matt Boone a +2.  Either failed to excite in the match while birdies were only out done by heroic eagles.   In the end they both shot a gross score of two under 34 with Matt Boone victorious by a 1 stroke net margin.  Congratulations to Matt Boone 2013 League Champion and thanks to all that enjoyed this years event.  A  special thanks to Josh Gavin from Beyond Golf for his accommodations and for providing prizes for the event!  Hope to see you all next year.



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