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2017 Golf League Enrollment

We are expecting a very large turn out for this year so please sign up on the form below as soon as possible.

To hold your entry please submit your dues payment of $140 to Beyond Golf.

Last years division winners entry is paid but still need to complete entry form.

$20 Beyond Golf gift certificate awarded  for weekly league low gross and low net.  You will be eligible to win both and ties will split.

2017 Schedule: Sunday’s 5pm, 7pm & 9pm; Monday’s 6 & 8pm.

  • Week 1 January 8&9 Casa De Campo – back nine
  • Week 2 January 15&16 Banff Springs – back nine
  • Week 2 January 22&23 Sypglass Hill – back nine
  • Week 3 January 29&30 Torrey Pines – back nine
  • Week 4 February 12&13 Pebble Beach – back nine
  • Week 5 February 19&20 Troon North – back nine
  • Week 6 February 26&27 PGA National – FRONT nine
  • Week 7 March 5&6 Doral – back nine
  • Week 8 March 12&13 Bethpage Black – back nine
  • Week 9 March 19&20 Bay Hill – back nine
  • Week 10 March 26th&27 Banff Springs – back nine (rescheduled)
  • Play-offs  April 2 7pm

Please take the time to review the changes to league rules below entry form!!!


League Rules

Format: 9 hole individual net match play for points.

Points: A total 12 possible points per match. 1 point per net hole, 3 points for net total.

Tees: Men will play the middle tees, ladies will play the forward tees.  Amateurs 60 years old or older may play the forward tees.  It is the responsibility of the player to notify the starter use of forward tee option before the start of the round.  Failure to notify starter before the round starts will result in the round being played from the current tee position.

Admin options:

  1. ‘2 putt’ & ‘9 foot gimmee’ will be in effect
  2. Distance control set to ‘normal’ & bounce and roll to ‘normal’
  3. Player may use ‘concede hole’ for pace of play reasons at double par or greater and that score shall be used for the player’s gross score on the hole.
  4. ‘Mulligan’ key is only to be used in case of player playing out of turn. If not corrected before next player plays, the out of turn players shot must stand.
  5. “Back to Back Drops, Safe Drop”- If your shot before resulted in a drop you may use the ‘safe drop’, otherwise ‘safe drop’ is prohibited.
  6. A tee may be used on the teeing ground only.  Otherwise the player may select whichever turf condition desired regardless of lie.

penalty for breach – loss of hole (4,5,6), gross score shall be adjusted so that net score will be +1 to opponents net score or net score at time of breach if higher.

Pairings: see league schedule on http://www.beyondgolfomaha.com

Can’t make your tee time? Anytime  Before Your scheduled round, schedule a time on your own  Monday through Thursday before 2pm;  Just make sure Josh knows this is your league round. This is prohibited during playoffs.  Unexpected cancellations will be required to make up their round by close of business the following Tuesday after the scheduled round.  Failure to play your round before COB the following Tuesday will result in using a ‘ghost opponent’ for your round and no point accumulation.

A ‘ghost opponent’ will be used for any player who fails to make up their round before or show for league.  Also to be used for divisions with odd number of members.  ‘Ghost opponent’ score shall be determined by using the score of the nearest competitor in points within division.  If two competitors are equally nearest the higher ranked shall be used.  For the first event, closest handicap shall be used as determined by the committee.  The ‘ghost opponent’ shall play as a sub and no additional point accumulation will be awarded to the player whom score is used.

Substitutes: You may have a substitute for you but you forfeit any point accumulation. Substitutes without established handicaps will play to handicap adjustment chart*. No substitutes allowed during playoffs. Substitutes are prohibited from winning any prizes.

Each group is responsible for printing their scorecard at the completion of round.

To avoid a ‘lost scorecard’ it is strongly recommended to ‘back up’ your round using the Golf Status app or photo of scorecard.  All ‘lost scorecards’ without ‘back up’ will be subject to the committees recreation of the round.

Ties: Play-off ties will be settled by sudden death playing the same course in the same order as in regulation play. Net play will still apply.

Regular season ties shall be decided by the following order:

  1. Most # events played
  2. Lowest total net score
  3. Lowest total gross score
  4. Most eagles
  5. Most birdies
  6. Most pars
  7. Closest to the hole competition

* Handicap Adjustment Chart

score, Adj Hdc, Net

  • 30,6,36
  • 31,5,36
  • 32,4,36
  • 33,3,36
  • 34,2,36
  • 35,2,37
  • 36,1,37
  • 37,0,37
  • 38,-1,37
  • 39,-2,37
  • 40,-2,38
  • 41,-3,38
  • 42,-4,38
  • 43,-5,38
  • 44,-6,38
  • 45,-6,39
  • 46,-7,39
  • 47,-8,39
  • 48,-9,39
  • 49,-10,39
  • 50,-10,40
  • 51,-11,40
  • 52,-12,40
  • 53,-13,40
  • 54,-14,40
  • 55,-14,41
  • 56,-15,41
  • 57,-16,41
  • 58,-17,41
  • 59,-18,41

League Committee:  Shane McClure, Josh Galvin, Tim Kruse


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