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Beyond Golf League

Where:  Stone Creek Golf Course

Dates:  Monday’s April 10th thru September 18th (24 weeks)

Every two weeks Beyond Golf awards the individual with the most points over quota in that period a $20 gift certificate to Beyond Golf!

(must play both weeks)

Congratulations to the following winners:

Week 1&2:  Tobijah Richardson 7 points

Week 3&4:  Clint Whitmarsh 3 points

Week 5&6:  Ray Skelton 7 points

Week 7&8:  Michael Holzapfel 9 points

Week 9&10 Marc Hjermstad  5 points

Week 11&12 John Timperley 7 points

Week 13&14 Steve Kuhn 9 points

Week 15&16 Clint Whitmarsh 9 points

Week 17&18 Marc Hjermstad 4 points

Week 19&20 Hal Edrington 9 points

Week 21&22 Joe Zuerlein 3 points

Week 23&24  Marc Hjermstad & Ray Skelton 7 points ($10 each)

Visit Beyond Golf at 12040 McDermott Plaza to claim your prize.

Congratulations to Brian Cartel & John Timperley our 2017 Champions!


Format: Two player team point quota system

A Point-Quota competition is an event in which some form of Stableford or hole-by-hole points scoring is used to reflect the competitor’s performance relative to their established handicap.

Stableford Scoring
2 or more over par no points
1 over par (bogey) 1 point
par 2 points
1 under par (birdie) 3 points
2 under par (eagle) 4 points
3 under par 5 points

Quota:  Prior to play “quota” is established.  The  competition score is determined as the difference between the points they earn during play and their quota – negative values are allowed. The  team with the highest cumulative numerical result at the conclusion of the season (most positive or least negative) is the winner.  Your quota will be adjusted after each round  by half of the amount by which you exceed your quota in the previous round (or conversely, reduce the quota by half the amount by which you failed to meet their quota).

Substitutions:  Substitutions are allowed and will be assigned a “quota” by the committee.  Substitutes are only allowed to earn a max of 3 point or minimum of -3.

Failure to field a team will result in team loss of -6 points for that week.  One team member can constitute fielding a team.

Tees: Men play the Blue Tees, Seniors 60 & over the White Tees, 70 & over Gold Tees and Ladies the Red Tees

Tee Times & Pairings will be determined by the committee prior round (5:22-6:15).

Preferred lies in the fairway only.  1 scorecard length relief.  Play the ball as it lies elsewhere.

USGA rules & local rules will govern play with the exception of; Rule 14-b anchoring the club & Appendix II 5-c impact area markings

Scoring:  The scorer is responsible for the gross score on the respective hole and player.   A score may be left blank if the player decided to pick up at double bogey but that player will not be eligible for any possible gross score competitions.  It is the responsibility of each team to attest, sign and turn in their scorecard immediately after the completion of the round.

Ties:  Final season championship ties will be determined by sudden death play-off using proportional quota .  All other awards shall be split.

Rules Committee:  Shane McClure, Greg Wiemers, Tim Kruse


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